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Symbodi Vertiball Mountable Muscle Massage Ball
  • Symbodi Vertiball Mountable Muscle Massage Ball

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    • DURABILITY: An industrial-strength airlock let's you mount your attachment on to any smooth non-porous surface. There needs to be an airtight seal around the edges of the suction pad and the surface.
    • SURFACES THAT WORK: It can mount to smooth sealed surfaces like metal, plastic, laminate and smooth painted drywall (at least two coats of paint).
    • SURFACES THAT DON'T WORK: The airlock system will not mount to stucco or textured drywall, wood, brick, concrete, or wallpaper.
    • LONGEVITY: After 30 minutes of using your device, remove it from the wall and re-clamp to restore any lost suction. The Airlock mounting system is not a permanent mounting solution and can easily be mounted and removed from your wall/surface.
    • BENEFITS: Provides myofascial release to eliminate muscle knots and reduce inflammation and strain on soft tissue trigger points without the need to lay on the ground or balance a ball on a wall or floor.
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